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A Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a red, juicy fruit whether round globular or oval of the family Solanaceae.[4] There are thousands of tomato varieties.[19] Many have different colours such as yellow, brown, black, purple, green and pink.[19] Eating tomatoes can help slow the deterioration of eczema or dermatitis affected skin. Also eaten, they can help to heal, 'rebuild' and repair skin affected by eczema or dermatitis.

Warning: In the leaves and stems of tomato plants is a toxic alkaloid called solanine, it also occurs in unripe tomatoes. Do not eat an unripe tomato or the leaves and stems of a tomato plant.[4,16,19]

Attention: Many hydroponic tomatoes are soaked in synthetic chemicals, apparently to ripen them hastily.[16] I can not recommend the eating of non-organically grown hydroponic fruits. Some tomatoes are bio-engineered[16] (genetically manipulated) apparently to extend shelf life. Avoid genetically manipulated fruits as their long-term affects in nature are unknown.

Tomato plants prefer temperatures of 25oC (oF 77) to 35o (oF 95) during the day and > 16oC (oF 61) during the evening.[19] In temperatures higher than 37oC (oF99) which burn the flower, tomatoes need shade.[19] They  prefer 5 to 6 hours a day of full sunlight for about 2 to 3months.[19] Tomatoes take 7 to 11 weeks to ripen.[19] In hot arid and tropical climates tomato plants fruit all year round.[19] In cooler climates tomato plants only fruit from Spring to Autumn.[19] Tomato plants will grow in any kind of soil so far as their roots can easily grow into the soil.[19]


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