The EdaciousImber Cordial fruits for eczema and dermatitis web site foreword from Peter Burrill

Botany, the study of plants, has traditionally been a mystery of medicine.[1] Until 150 years ago most botanists were specialists doctors[1]. Plants can be eaten to recover health. Over the millenniums people have been eating bulbs, seeds, leaves, flowers and fruits, from plants for medicine, as well as for food. In nature there are many, many, wondrous, delicious fruits that are medicinal. The EdaciousImber Cordial fruits (lemon /apricot /banana /plum /tomato) are tasty fruits that are medicinal for eczema.

There are about 235,000 different fruit earing plant species on earth.[1] Mankind has only ever taken about 3000 of these species from the wild for cropping, under cultivation, mainly in local agricultural fields.[1] Only about 150 fruit earing species have ever been widely cultivated.[1] We, in the supermarket countries, consume 80% of our food from just 6 species of fruit earing plants.[1] While my preference is for delicious fruit medicinals, there are potentially tens of thousands of bulbs, leaves, seeds, roots, flowers, as well as fruits, that which, if eaten, could ease the symptoms of eczema.

For 18 months, I tried and tested several dozen everyday foods for any healing affect that they may have upon eczema and dermatitis. Out of these, I found a scant few medicinal foods for eczema and dermatitis. In fact, just five fruits, one fungi and ocean water. Considering the possible treatments from fruit earing plants, my seven foods, derived from only a few dozen, are just a drop in a vast potentially curative food fruits ocean. Still I'm grateful that I've deduced even seven effective foods of which to write about and it's this little amount that I'm pleased to be able to serve up as the EdaciousImber Cordial fruits for eczema web site.

These are simply: Lemon, mushroom, apricot, banana, plum, tomato and oceanwater.

People eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain basic nutrition and general health. The EdaciousImber Cordial fruits for eczema are nutritious as well as medicine for a particular condition ( here eczema). They are nutritious fruits and medicine. They're first eaten for the medicinal compounds they contain, not just for their nutritious carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. For example, you can't drink lime, orange and grapefruit juice as a substitute for lemon juice, expecting the lime, orange and grapefruit juice to reduce eczema inflammation while strengthening skin. It can't. Of these citrus only the lemon will, because it's medicinal (for eczema) and not just because it has a high vitamin C content. Likewise plums can help ease the symptoms of eczema, but cherries can't. For people with eczema
cherries are just nutritious, while plums are nutritious medicine.

The Cordial fruits can be taken up from the ground, tree and sea; fresh. They're safe, well-known, popular, available and inexpensive. They're not refined and processed to concentrates. They're simple. The fruits are dietary and shouldn't interfere with any other treatments you may choose to take up. The Cordial fruits should improve your eczema condition by 30% to 70%,  with in 3 weeks, however not all treatments are effective remedies for everybody. So it's important to continue to seek other treatments whilst eating the fruits and be sure to visit a qualified naturopath, natural therapist or physician (doctor) should your skin condition be serious. Don't neglect opportunities to take up other treatments should you wait for the fruits to take medicinal effect. Eczema can be caused by allergens [2] these must be first avoided for the Cordial fruits to be fully effective.
To reduce the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis most of the fruits need to be eaten. Not just one or two of them. The various fruits have distinct healing effects. Lemons, ocean water and (to a lesser extent) plums can prevent unaffected skin from deteriorating into dermatitis or eczema. Lemons, ocean water, plums, tomatoes and mushrooms can slow down the deterioration of eczema affected skin. Plums, tomatoes, mushrooms, apricots and bananas can help to heal (repair/'rebuilt') skin affected by eczema or dermatitis.

These fruits I devised out of necessity. A year and a half ago I was too eczema ill to leave my bed. I sure wanted to ! The Cordial fruits I developed enabled me to manage my eczema condition quite well, well enough to get outside and write this web site. Well enough, to no longer have eczema singeing at my work day and to get on with my life. I'm sure glad that I wanted to leave my bed, when you're seriously ill your will to live can save your life - don't lose it.

Giving this distressfully originated fruit knowledge to you today brings me great joy. I hope that with it you'll avoid the pain that was once my experience and that your own recovery will be made much swifter.

I wish you every health. Bon app'etit !

Peter Burrill
April 2003


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